Mimitau is an Image Studio that provides services for entertainment products such as character development and narrative illustration.

We handle individual steps in a production process or take responsability of your creative project in its entirety to lead it towards a successful  finish. 


Examples of services:

  • Storyboards - drawn or otherwise illustrated flowcharts for pre-visualizing stories, film or photo shootings or animations.
  • Character Design for developping enchanting, funny or whimsical characters for advertisement or storytelling in comics and animation.
  • Animation in 2D or 3D in short-movie format or snippets for social media.
  • Visualization for illustrating knowledge by showing connections through pictures.
  • Graphic Recording for processing and summarizing  meetings and collectively collected findings  in organisations for extended comprehensibility.
  • Creative Business Consultancy for advisory and support for creative projects.

Working examples:


Please get in touch with us so that we could discuss your project together. Thank you!

Mobile: +41 77 499 78 25